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We offer a special technique which is a combination of traditional Japanese and original methods.

Thoroughly relaxing and soothing, our care is the perfect antidote for the stressful modern lifestyle.

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Menu & prices

Relaxation Body Oil Massage

With an anti-aging organic olive oil and hot stones(optional), this is a luxurious massage technique that softens the muscles and the mind using long fluid strokes of varying pressure. The therapeutic stimulation improves muscle tone, circulation, and joint flexibility. It also dissolves accumulated toxins and stress, promoting good health. Its effects last long after the treatment is over, leaving your body with a soft and ethereal sensation like floating on a cloud.

You may choose which region of your body to concentrate on as well as the treatment time. We can customize the entire experience to meet your personal needs

(Head, Face, Neck, Shoulders, Décolletage, Stomach, Back, Hands, Arms, Legs, Feet).

Common side effects of Relaxation body oil massage include: minor discomfort or muscle soreness, redness, heat, inflammation, headache, and muscle fatigue. To limit the risk of these side effects, we suggest drinking plenty of water before and after your treatment. We also recommend staying away from caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine for twenty-four hours following the massage.


60min / 800  SEK


90min / 1100 SEK


120min / 1350 SEK


150min / 1600 SEK


Our therapist help you with assisted stretching.

They combine a certain amount of pressure with directional movements that help target tissue.


・improved posture and functional ability

・restored normal joint spacing

・decrease muscle soreness stress and pain

・release accumulated toxins

・alleviate tightness

・feel refreshed

・improved blood circulation and muscle tone

・improved athletic performance

30 min/ 300 SEK

Oriental Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is the theory that reflex points relate to specific organs and glands in the body. When stimulated with finger pressure this promotes health in the organs and glands via the body’s nerve pathways.

Common side effects include: feeling tired and yawning, cold or flu-like symptoms from the release of toxins, and mild headache.  Occasionally, side effects may also include: tenderness in the feet, nausea, rashes, and sweating.

To avoid any side effects, we recommend drinking plenty of water to help purge the body.

60min / 700SEK

Detox Facial & Head Massage

Our facial and head massage is a luxuriously curative package. 

By combining precise stimulation of acupoints of the face and the powerful detoxifying effects of manual lymphatic drainage, you will experience a wealth of benefits including: improved muscle tone, circulation, detoxification, and nerve relaxation.  This is a deeply restorative process that leaves you with brighter and rejuvenated skin.

The treatment includes a special face mask and massage pampering the hands, arms, décolletage, neck, and head.

60min / 800SEK


Mayumi's Wellness Massage treatment is non-invasive, relaxing and natural. It is therefore generally considered a safe treatment for most people. However, there are contraindications.

Please verify if you have any of the following conditions, and if so consult a doctor before receiving massage therapy.



•High blood pressure

•Infectious diseases



•Varicose veins

•Broken bones



•Skin problems: Rashes, wounds, bruises, burns, boils, blisters and Athlete's foot (Usually these problems are local, so the therapist still massage in other areas)

•Other conditions: Diabetes, asthma, thyroid problems, gout, circulatory problems, epilepsy and other serious conditions each has its own precautions, and you should seek a doctor's opinion before massage.


mail@MayumisWellnessMassage.com / SMS: 073 6236 997

Cancellation policy

All cancellations must be registered 24 hours before scheduled treatment.

If the reservation is not cancelled in time we reserve the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee.

"No shows" will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount.